Cutter & Blade

Concrete Cutter

  • Mikasa concrete cutters have cutting depth range from 70mm to 170mm
  • Attachable blade sizes are from 10” (254mm) to 18” (457mm).
  • The various models are available to accommodate at any job site.
  • The compact and light sizes walk-behind models make it easy loading or unloading.

Dust Collecting Type Dry Cutter

Examples of use:

1. When using the asphalt blade
  • Cutting the asphalt pavement of sidewalks and ditches for facility construction
  • Pipeline construction of sewer pipes
  • Section cutting jobs around light poles, guardrails and manholes
  • Joint cutting (3-5 cm) in green concrete (within 72 hours after casting for unreinforced concrete)
2. When using the concrete blade
  • Facility construction of concrete (unreinforced) warehouses and sidewalks

Concrete Cutter

  • Safety switch and blade's cover sensor increasing safety work for operator
  • Lifting hook help in transportation, lifting and loading by lifter or excavator.
  • Depth cutting indicator allow constant checking of cutting depth.
  • Smooth depth regulator easy to adjust.
  • Stable 4-wheels undercarriage make easy to drive.
  • Cyclone cleaner increase life of engines SHARKY 400/500.
SHARKY 500 (90kg)
MCD Specifications
model weight (kg) dimensions (mm) blade size [mm] Cutting depth [mm] Max blade RPM Arbor size [mm] Depth adjustment system Cooling water tank [liter] Power Source [PS]
SHARKY 500 95 L:1000
400-500 180 2200 1” Recoil, central 40 HONDA
SHARKY 351 54 L:960
300-350 115 3100 1” Recoil 20 HONDA
SHARKY 400 85 L:1000
350-400 130 2800 1” Recoil, central 40 HONDA

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